DevOps East 2017 Tutorial: Git and GitHub for Developers and Testers


Monday, November 6, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Git and GitHub for Developers and Testers

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Skill with Git and GitHub is now a common requirement for jobs because Git is entrenched in the majority of development and operations organizations. Git gives testers unprecedented visibility into the inner workings of software and configuration code. But Git's intricate commands can be confusing. GitHub collaboration and code review capabilities are revolutionary. New rules are needed to avoid frustration. In this hands-on tutorial, Wilson Mar presents material available nowhere else to clarify the structure of tools, repositories, and GUI programs used by the pros. The culmination of more than three years of refinement, this presentation dives deep into how Git works so you can avoid—or confidently recover from—common mistakes. Create your own website and learn the GitHub markdown used to create documents. For this tutorial, Wilson has developed Bash and PowerShell scripts so you can quickly learn and experiment with commands. Leave with an understanding of what Git and GitHub are all about, including branching and merging techniques that both developers and testers will find to be time savers.

Note: Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a Windows or Mac computer to this hands-on tutorial.

Wilson Mar

Wilson Mar has been building and bringing enterprise applications to market on major platforms—from mobile to server clouds—as an architect, developer, performance tester, and manager. His website provides concise, in-depth advice on leading technologies. For the past three years, Wilson has been refining his training techniques on Git and GitHub so attendees quickly understand its intricacies.