DevOps East 2017 Concurrent Session : Your DevOps Goal: A Culture Shift, Not Just a Toolset Implementation


Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Your DevOps Goal: A Culture Shift, Not Just a Toolset Implementation

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Becoming a DevOps shop isn’t just about hiring DevOps engineers and implementing a new toolset. It’s about changing the culture of your organization. Patrick Turner believes that your focus for DevOps should be to bring a cultural shift throughout the organization—up to the business team and down to product delivery. Focusing on the culture shift of DevOps creates faster innovation. And all of this enables transparency in this process for those who have not had visibility in the past and encourages transparency for those who have worked behind the curtain of complexity that has obscured it. DevOps breaks down silos and connects people. The DevOps culture and tools extend agile's transparency and efficiency, and help streamline communication and collaboration, ensuring that the team is creating the best product possible—a product that you’d be proud to show your mom!

Patrick Turner
Small Footprint

Patrick Turner doesn't just like technology—he loves it. He discovered this passion at the age of ten on a trip to a local Radio Shack with his brother. Since then, Patrick has turned his love of technology into a thriving career, amassing more than twenty years of experience producing software solutions for a wide range of business needs. He’s a problem solver who’s not afraid to provide the right solution while showing the work it took to get there. Outside the Small Footprint office, you can find Patrick somewhere in nature. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys skiing and camping whenever he gets the chance. Patrick is a man of the world, believes in taking care of others, and knows technology can reshape the boundaries of the previously unexplored.