DevOps East 2017 Concurrent Session - Ambiguity Reviews: A Giant Leap for Requirements | TechWell


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Ambiguity Reviews: A Giant Leap for Requirements

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Designing a great product starts with understanding its requirements. In our industry, natural language is the most used representation for documenting requirements. Nikunj Gupta knows that the problem with natural language lies in its inherent ambiguity. And ambiguity increases during the requirements process due either to lack of clarity of what’s being stated or improper interpretation of what has been documented. Whatever the reason, the cost of implementing ambiguous requirements is very high. An ambiguity review is an effective approach to address the root cause of problems by detailed content inspection that identifies conflicting, missing, unclear, and incomplete requirements. An ambiguity review consist of two steps. The initial review identifies ambiguities in logic and sentence structure. When these issues have been addressed, experts then review the requirements for content. To take your giant leap with requirements, join Nikunj to learn about ambiguity reviews, their approach, and the business benefits of such reviews.

Nikunj Gupta
Cognizant Technology Solutions

A senior consultant with Cognizant Technology Solutions, Nikunj Gupta is passionate about making his client’s business more efficient and agile. In his career, he has led corporate initiatives in business optimization, onshore-to-offshore transitions, and QA enterprises including SDLC and project management. Nikunj’s experience includes new product implementations through stakeholder management, change management, and process standardization, resulting in increased effectiveness of the organization. Nikunj has worked with clients in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries.